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Frequently Asked Questions



1. How long does it take to get my RST?

You will normally obtain your RST within 5-6 hours.  This includes the theory revision program, theory test and practical assessment.  If you are in a real hurry you can skip the theory revision but it is important that you know and are confident with all your marine theory from the Department of Transport workbook.  Feel free to talk to us about this option.

2. Where is Perth Recreational Boating Academy located?

The PRBA training centre is centrally located just off the Kwinana Freeway near Canning Highway Bridge.

3. Do I need to attend different locations for the theory and practical assessments?

PRBA is centrally located.  The theory revision and assessment can be conducted in a modern comfortable training centre with all the amenities that you need.  The practical assessment is undertaken in close proximity on the Swan/Canning Rivers.

The beauty of doing your RST with us is that it is done all in one central location with the option to be completed in one day.  

4. How long has PRBA be providing the RST?

Perth Boating Academy has been operating since 2003 - well before the RST was introduced.

Before the introduction of the RST we provided training and assessment for the Department of Planning and Infrastructure BoatSmart Certificate which was the precursor to the RST.  Prior to this we delivered the TL3/National Powerboat Handling Certificate and personal powerboat handling tuition to a long list of satisfied clients.

5. What qualifications does PRBA have?

You receive the highest level of professionalism in the marketplace.  Our instructor is drawing on over 30 years of accomplished commercial charter, competitive racing and recreational boating experience.

Some key qualifications include;


        Qualified Commercial Skipper 15 years


        Full National Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


        Recreational Skippers Ticket Authorised Assessor


        Yachting Australia Accredited National Powerboat Instructor


        Safety Boat Handling Instructor


        Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency


        Elements of Shipboard Safety


        Certificate of Proficiency in Small Pleasure Vessel Safety


        Certificate Small Craft Safety


        Nautical Knowledge Certified


        Marine Engineering Knowledge Certified


        Senior First Aid Certificate


6. Does PRBA guarantee the successful achievement of the RST?

Thousands of boaties have received their RST with the support of PRBA.  During your time with us you receive; 

        Professional service to suit your individual needs

        A relaxed environment and enjoyable process

        Honesty and integrity

        The highest quality service in the marketplace 


You receive all the support and time required in order to meet the achievement requirements of the RST.  We have been able to assist and support all of our clients to develop the skill levels that are required to achieve the RST.

7. What type of training boat do you have?

To keep our clients in the most up to date equipment you have access to a 4.8 Quintrex Centre Console.  This training boats is easy to learn and teach on, and provides the opportunity to build your confidence in the required practical tasks.


8. Can I use my own boat for the practical assessment?

Yes.  You can use your own boat for the practical assessment.  Using your boat allows you to undertake the practical tasks in familiar surroundings.  Just call on 0417 918 945 to discuss your requirements.


9. How much will it cost to get my RST?

PRBA charges from depending on if you do the theory revision program and use your boat or the training boat.  

You will not find a more competitive price for the high level of professional service that you receive at our training centre. 

10. How do I pay for the RST?

You can pay by cash, cheque or direct deposit to the PRBA bank account.

11. Do you cater for private groups?

Yes.  Many private families, friends, clubs and work groups have enjoyed the personalised service that we offer to obtain your RST.  This is a great way for everyone in your group to learn and develop the marine skills that are of interest to them whilst obtaining your RST.

12. Im not confident with the practical handling tasks how can you assist me?

You'll receive all the support and time required in order to meet the practical task requirements of the RST.  We have been able to assist and support all of our clients to develop the skill levels that are required to achieve the RST.

With the highest level of professional service available you will enjoy learning your skills on the water.




Perth Recreational Boating Academy prides itself in the delivery of professional powerboat handling, tuition and assessment services. You receive all the support you need to successfully obtain your Recreational Skippers Ticket in an honest, ethical and relaxed setting.

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